November 9th, 2009

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Round #2 - Sign ups


This is the lims_gilmore sign up post for round #2!! If you want to participate, please comment with the username you'll be entering under. Make sure you read the user info when you get a chance so you understand how things work here. Be sure to join/watch the community as well!

You may sign up at this post until Saturday December 26th at 11PM EST which is when the first challenge voting will be posted. The first challenge is located here. If I get at least 10 sign ups I'll start the round earlier. You automatically get one skip just for signing up. However, if you promote the community elsewhere & comment back on this entry with the link to it, I'll give you an extra skip. You may only get 1 extra skip in addition to the skip you already get for signing up so don't promote all over the place and expect to get 10 extra skips. :)

* shows how many skips you have

1. hermionesparkle (used in ch#2)
2. hallonpaj (one used in ch#3, one in ch#4)
3. lorespuff* (eliminated in ch#2)
4. mummy_daydream* (one used in ch#4)
5. timecake (used in ch#1, eliminated due of lack of skips & non entry in ch#2)
6. prunae (used in ch#2)
7. note_sarcasm (used in ch#2, eliminated in ch#4, voted back in ch#5)
8. missmonk*
9. csichick_2 (used in ch#1, eliminated in ch#3)
10. jane948** (eliminated in ch#3)
11. reunions* (eliminated in ch#1)