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Round #6 - Challenge #04 - Voting

If you entered, do not vote.

Eliminated due to having no skips and not entering: she_rockstar

1. Keep your icon identity hidden until after the results are posted. Don't vote for yourself or get anybody to vote for you.
2. Vote on quality, not preference. Actually think about why you are voting the icons out. It's too plain, too sharp, or it's boring are not good enough reasons to vote an icon out. If your opinion is that the icon is too dark, explain where and/or why is it too dark. Be specific without being nasty. Examples on how to vote are under the cut as is a few links of helpful tips.
3. Vote for 1 icon that you feel is the worst quality of the bunch. You are also voting for 1 favorite icon. Voting is weighed.
4. If you are apart of the round, please vote. It helps keeping things fair. If you entered this challenge, do not vote.


A good guide for voting can be found here & a great guide for what to think about is located here.

Least favorite:
12. The texture really takes away from the focus of the icon.
120. The image is very sharp in spots including Lorelai's hair line & facial features.

04. Beautifully cropped.
166. The coloring really makes the icon stand out from the others.

1. 2.

Voting will end Saturday September 8th at around 10:30 PM EDT. Voting will be open until there is enough votes.
Tags: challenge4, round6, voting
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